Our Team

The design industry is all about attitude and passion and our team have that in abundance

Ray Hawthorne Design has evolved over the years from the original Ray Hawthorne & Associates and with new central city premises and our current long serving team can offer an experienced, passionate and highly respected service.

Ray Hawthorne specialises in classical and traditional style architecture and has won many awards for his work.  He possesses a special talent for design projects that seek to replicate the traditions of a bygone era, using the latest materials and specialist building techniques.  Rays experience and expertise covers all genres of architectural design and can be adapted to suit any style, project or budget.

Barry Connor has worked with Ray for over 3 years and is now in charge of the planning and production side of the business.  He has gained a BA(hons) degree in Architecture whilst living in London and has adapted many of his organisation skills from his previous position as an Executive chef to the business structure we have today.

Vicki Alexander has been office manager for architectural practices since 1999 and she has many years practical experience in the industry.  She brings a customer-focused attitude to how the business delivers value and ensures that her business and banking experience contribute to the way the team operates.

Simon Gundry hails from the UK and has over 25 years experience in the industry specialising in thermal assessments.  In the mid 1980's he was actively involved with the design and implementation of insulation assessment requirements in the UK, and has designed software programs in this field.  Simon has been working with Ray for over 10 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Ray Hawthorne Design.

Will Dickinson even though Will is our newest team member he has worked with Ray for over 3 years.  Will is very dedicated and enthusiastic and gets stuck in to get any job done. 



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